Dr. Luiz Moretto is a violinist, double bass, fiddle player and composer living in London. His compositions incorporate ethnic elements of rhythm and timbre into the open/closed structures of jazz and Brazilian music reflecting the spontaneity of free experimentation. He has been inspired by the music traditions of bowed string instruments from Africa and Brazil, which are part of his current research.

Luiz was born in Bauru (Tupy-Guarany indigenous name to fruit-flower basket), Brazil. First studying music at home with his older sister Dolores, a piano teacher, Luiz received a bachelor degree in classical music from UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina - Brasil) in the year of 1998. In addition, Luiz studied jazz improvisation at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) in Belo Horizonte also attending a course in improvised music by Carlos Zingaro in Lisbon where he lived for eleven years. Luiz has recently been awarded Doctor of Philosophy in African, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (ethnomusicology) at King’s College London where he worked with Professor David Treece and Dr. Frederick Moehn as joint supervisors. 

His latest album "Vampyroteuthis Infernalis" - Luiz Moretto Quintet was recorded in Rome in 2014. The CD was released in January 2015 by the UK’s label SLAM, blending Afro-Brazilian musical expressions to the Italian free jazz aesthetics. The album has been critically acclaimed by Jazz Journal, Cadence Magazine, Jazz Views, Jazz Weekly (top ten albums lists of 2015), Jazz Colours, Jazz.pt, Le Son Du Grisli, Bird is the Worm, Music Zoon, Free Form Free jazz, Breakaplate and Downtown Music Gallery.

Always keeping improvisation as the main focus of interest in the collision between jazz, free jazz, african, brazilian and improvised music, Luiz has collaborated, performed and recorded  in Europe with creative  artists in music, dance and film including London Improvisers Orchestra, Wadada Leo Smith, Alípio C Neto, Mark Sanders, John Edwards, Francesco Lo Cascio, Marco Ariano, Gianfranco Tedeschi, Simon Gall, Mike Rae, Fraser Peterkin, Marcio Mattos, Marilza Gouvea, Ashley Walles, Charlotte Hug, Greg Burk, Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, Paloma Carrasco, David Leahy, Hardedge,  Paulo Duarte, Christopher Williams, Danny Keane, Seth Bennett, Ildefons Alonso, Ruda Santos, Victor Gama, Antonio Tavares, VGO Variable Geometry Orchestra, Ernesto Rodrigues, Stolen Project, Orlando Legname, Embaúba Ensemble, King's Brazil Ensemble, Xangai, Refilon, José de Castro, Genitho Rasta, Ngoma Mozambique, Marcelo Fortuna, Dinoel Gandini, Johannes Krieger, Mick Trovoada among others.